Basant(Kite Flying Festival), Lahore

Basant Festival is celebrated specially in Lahore, which is also known as Jashan-e-Bahran(Spring festival). Basant is an important event in Lahore that takes place in every year in February. Flying kites is a major part of the festival of Basant. The people of Lahore celebrate Basant as a festival that indicates the arrival of spring.  The people of Lahore take interest to fly kites from their rooftops with pleasure. As Lahore is the historic capital of Punjab so there is no other place where Basant mela is celebrated with more interest. When spring Season start all types and sizes of kites are splendid on the skies of Lahore.

Basant mela is not only a kite flying event, but a cultural festival of traditional food, dresses, dances and music.  The Lahorites participate in kite flying competitions to welcome the spring season.

The kite flying is the favorite activity of Lahorites as they start preparing for the festivals in advance. The main site for kite flying is the old Lahore, where families and friends gather on roof tops fly kites and arrange competitions. The kite flying even continues during night in the flood lights and the whole old Lahore is lit up in a scene to be witnessed and not described. When one cuts the rope of the other’s kite, drums are beaten and trumpets are blown. And the winners dance with families and friends and enjoy the whole arrangements and traditional foods are served to entertain everyone. Yellow is the main colour in this event as it depicts the blossoming spring flowers in the fields of Punjab. Men wear yellow scarves while the ladies put on Gajras traditional bangles made of flowers and wear yellow dresses.