Best Tourism Places in Pakistan


Karachi is biggest city in Pakistan in terms of population and having a sea port through which the trading is going on. Karachi was the capital of Pakistan before the construction of Islamabad. Port of Qasim and port of Karachi is the busiest port of the city.Karachi is located on the seashore, Karachi has a comparatively mild climate with low levels of rainfall. Winters are mild, and the summers are hot in Karachi.

Karachi has many attractions to offer families to enjoy their evenings in Clifton with food stalls and cool winds and many other places are:


Things to see in Karachi

  • Quaid-e-Azam`s Tomb is a famous and impressive landmark of Karachi.
  • Kemari  Manora is a small island near Kemari Port. This island has a military base and it also serves as residential establishment. But it is also open for tourists. Here you can find clear water.
  • Bin Qasim Park, this park is built on the site of the former Play land. The Park is completely vast it incorporates the Jahangir Kothari Parade and almost extends all the way to Clifton beach.
  • Sea View is a beautiful place in Karachi specially in evening. A beautiful sunset on a beach with Oyster Islands in the back ground.
  • Teen Talwar, Karachi has many landmarks, but the Teen Talwar really stands-out. The three white marble swords symbolize Unity, Faith and Discipline.
  • Karachi Zoo is located in the heart of Karachi the zoo has a small natural history museum.




The Lahore city occupies a central position and generally called The Heart of Pakistan. Lahore is located on the bank of the RAVI. Lahore is the city of greenery and has the status of being THE GREEN CITY. Lahore is the center of film industry and the city of poets, artists. You must have seen many places but I give you surety that Lahore is the most flexible and attractive place for visitors. You can find every type of enjoyment and refreshment in Lahore. Visit M M Alam road for the fresh food places, boutiques, salons famous designers and cafes. Sheesh Mahal is the famous romantic place in Lahore. This place is also called The Palace of Mirrors. It consists of apartments covered with cupolas and decorated in a mixture of mirrors which enhance the beauty of Mahal.

Things to see in Lahore

Shalamar Garden (Mughal Garden),  is really wonderful site to visit in Lahore. It is a lovely place.

Badshahi Mosque, built by Mogul ruler. The mosque made of red bricks and reflects the might of Mogul empire back in the centuries. Its architect is one of the worthseeing architect in the world.

Lawrence garden is another nice place for evening out. It is the one of the historical park in Lahore.

Red Fort, is interesting place this place is all about the strategical side of the territory.

Minar-E-Pakistan is the trade mark of Lahore. This monument was build in the memory of Pakistan Resolution.



Murree is one of the largest resort and famous hill station in Pakistan. Muree is the Place which is best voted for Romance Spots, Family Holiday Spots, and Adventure Spots. Newlyweds Couples here for their Honey Moon. Families come from different cities to enjoy the climate of Murree in summer. Murree is situated in the surface of Himalayas. This type of area has cold, snowy winters, comparatively cool summer and frequent fog. Murree is the best place for Adventure and recreation.

Things to See in Murree

Mall Road, is a fun place in Murree and easy to find tourists there. In Mall road you can easily find food and all kind of dresses and hand made things it is a peaceful and beautiful place to live.

Kashmir Point, is on Mall road at the top of the hill. Landscape look beautiful from that point and Kashmir peaks can also be viewed from here that’s why this point is called Kashmir point.

Pindi Point is one of the important place to visit in Muree. Chairlifts are installed there. Surroundings from chair lift is wonderful zigzag roads great pine trees stand throughout the journey.


Faisalabad is the third largest city in Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore. Faisalabad is basically an industrial city. It is an area for investment and economic wealth. Faisalabad is also popular for textile industries which make the best business in this city.

Things to see in Faisalabad

Clock Tower As Faisalabad is identified for its clock tower and textile industry. Faisalabad is also called the city of eight bazaars which emerge from clock tower.


Agriculture University of Faisalabad is one of the largest agricultural universities in Asia. The  old campus looks beautiful while new campus is much modern architecture.