The Karakoram Highway

The Karakoram Highway is known as the highest cemented international road in the world. This Highway connects the China and Pakistan across the Karakorum mountain range through the Khunjerab Pass. It connects China’s Xinjiang region with Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan and because of this connection the highway also popular to attract the tourists. Due to its high elevation and the difficult conditions in which it was constructed, it is also referred as the Ninth Wonder of the World. In recent year Highway has become an adventure tourism destination. The Gardian ranked this place for tourists as the third best Tourist Destination in Pakistan. Continue reading “The Karakoram Highway” The Karakoram Highway

Hassan Sadpara’s Mount Everest Story

Hassan Sadpara, the second climber of Pakistan after Nazir Sabir, who successfully climbed Mount Everest recently, gave briefing to media about his venture during a press conference  at National Press Club on Saturday.

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The Beautiful Hanna Lake in Quetta

Hanna Lake is considered as one of the beautiful Lake in Pakistan. This Lake is constructed by British Empire near Quetta city. A small dam Surrpull was also constructed by British Empire with this lake on the main Urak road for providing inflow of water into the lake from the mountains of Zargoon coming from rainfalls, melting of snow and streams through main waterway.

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Cholistan Jeep Rally

The Real taste of Adventure”

Cholistan is a famous Desert near Bahawalpur it is also known as Rohi. The most famous event of this desert is “CHOLISTAN DESERT JEEP RALLY”. Cholistan jeep rally event is held every year. It’s a three day annual event of fun and adventure. This is one of the best desert events in Pakistan.

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Tirich Mir

Tirich Mir is a beautiful and highest mountain outside the Himalaya Karakoram range. Tirich Mir is the chain of about eleven peaks with different routes to their summits. This mountain is located in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. This mountain is famous for its story of fairies and beautiful sceneries which attract the tourists.

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Wagah Border Ceremony

Wagah Boarder is a border which separates Pakistan and india.  The visitor timing hours is daily from 9am to 4 Pm. People came from different places to enjoy the flag ceremony daily at wagah boarder. The wagah boarder ceremony is a daily military practice that the security forces of India and Pakistan both following this practice since 1959. This ceremony daily takes place in the evening before sunset at the wagah border .

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Top 10 Places to See In Pakistan

1. Concordia is the most beautiful place on the planet,  lies in the heart of the Karakoram range in Pakistan. Concordia offers the region’s best place to camp for mountain enthusiasts not involved in climbing. This is also called the “throne of the mountain gods”.


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