Cholistan Jeep Rally

The Real taste of Adventure”

Cholistan is a famous Desert near Bahawalpur it is also known as Rohi. The most famous event of this desert is “CHOLISTAN DESERT JEEP RALLY”. Cholistan jeep rally event is held every year. It’s a three day annual event of fun and adventure. This is one of the best desert events in Pakistan.

Cholistan Jeep Rally

This race is so famous that people from all over the world come to the desert to see and participate in the jeep rally. This event is really worth spending every penny to come here and watch the Cholistan jeep rally Bahawalpur. Large number of top Pakistani artists performs in the event and makes this event more attractive for tourist. This jeep rally is broadcasted live by some local channels of Pakistan. This event is organized by the Tourist Development Corporation of Punjab (PTDC). Organizers also arrange an exhibition of Cholistan Handicrafts. Every year an increasing number of participants have been taking part in the event and also enjoy the exhibition. Camel and Jeep Safaris and Tours in the Cholistan Desert give tourists the opportunity to learn and experience a wandering life and culture having experienced guides and modern facilities at their disposal. The Jeep Rally also provides opportunity to visit Derawar Fort the most famous among the many ancient forts that are located in the Cholistan Desert. Darawer Fort is a small beautiful Hindu village this fort is famous for shrines of Nawabs and beautiful Mosque. This adventure is a unique experience, where people visit the Cholistan Desert riding on camel-back and spending nights under the open sky and enjoy Everlasting Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally.



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