Crafts & handicrafts of Pakistan

Pakistan has a rich history of handicrafts. Handicrafts reflects the culture and tradition of Pakistan. These handicrafts spread out quality of beauty and show the inherited skills of people. The actual beauty of a piece of handicrafts surely depends on the simplicity of material, the glimpses of a culture and touch of art. The Kashmiri Shawls, the Balochi and Sindhi embroidery work, the Peshawari chapels and carpets, camel skin lamps of Multan, Gujrati pottery and the wood and brass work done in different parts of Pakistan. Handicrafts are the most outstanding expressions of the individuality of Pakistan’s regional identities. The color, the shape or style of a craft item will represent the specialty of region.

Wood Craft Pakistan

Wood Crafts

The art of carving on Metal & Wood items are the real beauties of our hard working Craftsmen.

These items are manufactured in small villages by hard-working craftsman, and can easily be purchased in big cities. Such crafts include, mirror frames, decoration pieces etc.

Pottery Multan Pakistan


Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, Gujrat and other places produced colorful pottery which reflect the traditional heritage. Mult an is famous for its fabulous blue pottery. Chiniot is also known for carving work on woods. Pakistani potters are responsible for making the tiles that decorate mosques and public buildings.

Carpets & TextilePakistan Carpets

Pakistan has tradition of carpet-making. The handmade carpets produced in Lahore. Islamic designs in woolen carpets are the cultural part of South Asia and the Middle East.  In Pakistan, Karachi and Lahore are important centers for the production of fine carpets. Sindh and Baloch people are famous for their mirror embroidery, where small mirrors are stitched into the fabric to create sparkly masterpieces.

FurnitureFurniture Pakistan

Pakistani furniture is known all over the world for its beautiful and complicated designs. The wood is available in crowded jungles in northern areas of Pakistan. In local language people knew it ”SHESHAM”. Such furniture is famous all over the world for its uniqueness and beauty.

Jewelry & Leather GoodsJewellery-Designs-In-Pakistan

Important crafts jewelry includes metal work on swords, boxes and dishes. And jewelry with precious stones and pearls is not limited to necklaces, bracelets, rings but also includes hair and forehead decorations and nose stuff. Leatherwork and basketry are also important crafts.