Cultural Episode Two: How Wedding Takes Place In Pakistan

Pakistan is the perfect place for weddings. Pakistani leaving abroad surely agree that there is no celebration as wonderful as a wedding in Pakistan. Pakistan is the best place for visitors to experience an unforgettable wedding. Traditional Pakistani marriage celebrations last for four days.

Mayoon: There are many languages in Pakistan different region has its own term for this day. This is the first day of the wedding celebration in Pakistan. Yellow color symbolized this function called MAYOON. Mostly celebrants wear yellow color in this occasion. The celebration in this day is double because the bride and groom celebrate with his/her friends and family at own places.

Mayoon Pakistan


Mehndi: This is another important day of celebration where dances and singing take place. All enjoy the music, food and decoration of this function. In this day the groom family delivers the wedding gown and the bride family will also do the same. In this function the bride-to-be receives traditional henna staining of her hands. This traditional Muslim art form invokes intricately designs to create beautiful symbolic patterns.

Bride Reception in MehandiMehandi Bride


Shadi and Nikah: This is the third day of celebration in which the official paper work is signed in the presence of an Islamic priest and the guests. The Pakistani bride and groom who continue their traditions wear garments of red. The bride’s gown is very complicated, as are her veil and jewelry. Men wear a unique traditional turban. After wedding vows are exchanged, the Holy Koran is held over the new bride’s head as she joins her husband’s family.


Valima: This is the fourth and final day of the celebration. The groom’s family will invite the wedding guests in their home.  This is being hosted by the newlyweds.  The couple will also mingle together with all the guests throughout the dinner.

Even tourists may experience such wonderful wedding in Pakistan and enjoy the four day function.



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