“Culture” Episode One – Balochistan

Balochistan is considered as one of the major province which occupies the largest area in Pakistan. In Balochistan cultural landscape portrays variety of cultural groups. Three major families Baloch, Pashtoon and Brahvi exist in Balochistan with different languages. But still there is similarity in their literature, beliefs, moral order and customs. And the main bonding factor between these families is religion which provides the base for unity and common social order. In Balochistan people are famous for their hospitality and guests consider as a blessing of God. Balochi people are faithful and sincere in all relations and there is no place and respect for unfaithful people. Dress among the Balochi, Pashton and Brahvi families is very similar having a few minor dissimilarities. The dresses of the men consist of wide loose shalwar and knee-long shirt and dress of the women is typical shirt having a big pocket in front. The shirt normally has embroidery work with fixed small round mirror pieces. Big ‘Dopatta’ or ‘Chaddar’, a long rectangular piece of cloth cascading down the shoulders and used to cover head, are used by the women.

In balochistan there are also celebrated religious and social festivals. Two major religious festivals are Eid-ul-Azha and Eid-ul-Fiter. On these festivals people decorate their houses, wear new dresses, cook special dishes and visit each other places. Eid-Meladun-Nabi is another religious festival. It is a celebration of the Holy Prophet’s birthday. Numerous colorful social festivals are also source of joy. Sibi festival traces an archeological site of ancient human civilization, attracts people from across the country to visit these festivals and know about the culture. Folk music performance, cultural dances, handicrafts stalls, cattle shows and a number of other humorous activities present a perfect demonstration of color. Buzkashi is a strange and famous festival showing quality of Balochistan people. It is celebrated on horse-back by two teams that use their skills to grab a goat from each other.



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