Important Information

Hotels in Karachi

Carlton Hotel Karachi  021 5849172

Marriott Karachi   021 568 0111

Pearl Continental Karachi  021 568-5021, 111-505-505

Sheraton Karachi Hotel & Towers  021 5633333

Restaurants in Karachi

Jade Garden   021-3586-5650,  021-3583-1126

Suzie Wong 021-3568-0111

Tai Pan 111-505-505

Café 76  021-35833163,  021-35833164

Café Blue Ginger 021-35370861, 021-35370862

Cafe Zouk 021-35856491, 021-35856492

Evolution 021-35860941, 021-35824651

Koel Café 021-3530-9745

Studio Café 021-35243458, 021-35243459

The Diner 021-35854581, 021-35854582

La Terrasse 021 39242600

Chatkharay 021 35842684, 021-35848958

Dumpukht  021-35680111

Pompei 021-35214684, 021-35219657

Thyme 0321-9211901

Pizzabi 021-35633333

BBQ Tonight 021-35371673, 021-35832841

Lal Qila 021-34388363, 021-34388364

Village Salt and Pepper 021-35843121,  021-35840909


Shopping Centers in Karachi

Awami Markaz

Anarkali Shopping Center

Alliance Shopping Paradise

Dolmen Mall

Duabi Mall

Drigh Road Cantt Bazar

Erum Shopping Emporium

Park Towers


Banks in Karachi

Abn-Amro Bank 021-5687592

Al-Faysal Investment Bank Ltd. 021- 5660476

Albaraka Islamic Bank 021-2636265

Bank Al-Falah Limited 021-2414039

Bolan Bank Ltd. 021-2410706

Habib Bank Ltd.  021-2418002

National Bank Of Pakistan 021-9212140

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. 021-2425000

United Bank Ltd. 021-4521081

State Bank Of Pakistan  021-9212401

Bank Al-Habib Ltd.  021-2412989

Askari Commercial Bank Ltd 021-2630733


Jinnah International Airport Karachi

Jinnah International Airport is located in Karachi. It is the largest international and domestic airport in Pakistan. The airport is previously known as the Quaid-e-Azam International Airport it was renamed after the death of our first Governor General Quaid-e-Azam and its passenger terminal is also normally known as the  Jinnah Terminal. Jinnah Airport has one main terminal which is divided into two concourses The Jinnah East Satellite Concourse which is used for international flights and the other is Jinnah West Satellite Concourse which is used for domestic flights.

Railway Reservation & Inquiry

Following is the list of Karachi Railway Reservation & Inquiry centers. For any type of Information Reservation & Inquiry contact :

Railway Enquiry 117

Reservation office Karachi 021-39213538

Reservation office Karachi Cantt 021-39201118

Police Stations

Following is the list of Karachi Police Station centers. For any type of Information of Police stations contact :

Police Help Line  15

Airport  021-34571420

Clifton  021-35868224

Defence   021-35896880


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