Attraction for Tourists

Bhir Mound: Bhir mound is the oldest and irregular shape ruins of Taxila. The streets of the city demonstrate that they were narrow and the house plans were very irregular.

Dharmarajika: The Dharmarajika is a large Buddhist stupa in the area of Taxila. The stupa is also called as ‘Chir Tope.

Jaulian:  Julian is the ruins of an ancient buddhistic near Taxila. The main stupa at Jaulian is badly damaged and mostly sealed.  A number of these have been removed for exhibitions at museums.

Mohra Muradu:  Mohra Muradu is the place of an ancient buddhistic stupa  near the ruins of Taxila.

Sirkap: Sirkap is the name of an archaeological site on the bank opposite to the city of Taxila.

Sirsukh: Sirsukh is the name of an archaeological site near the city of Taxila.

Heavy Industries Taxila: Heavy Industries Taxila is the backbone of Pakistan’s engineering industry for the Pakistan Armed Forces, being a combination of multiple industries that has grown into a large military complex.


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