Fairs & Festivals in Pakistan

The following are the famous fairs and festivals celebrated in Pakistan. There are so many colorful events held in all the districts and regions of Pakistan. Some of them are:


Shab-E-Barat is a religious one day festival which is celebrated throughout Pakistan. All Pakistan is decorated with candles lamps and lights. Everyone is involved in firing and fireworks.


This is the most colorful MELA which is held in Sibi near Quetta. In which traditional sports, exhibitions of handicrafts, dresses, jewelry, horse show, cattle show, camel & horse races, camel & horse dances, tent pegging, concerts and colorful stalls in industrial exhibition and this festival prolong for three days.


Horse and cattle show is the biggest show of Pakistan which is held at fortress Stadium in Lahore. This includes traditional sports. Extraordinary fireworks, aerobatics, acrobatics, operas, pipers & brass drums shows and children shows and this festival prolong for three days.


Kashmir Day is celebrated to communicate and show their political, cultural moral and religious support to the people of Kashmir.


Besant Festival is celebrated specially in Lahore. Besant is an important event in Lahore that takes place in every year in February. The kite flying even continues during night in the flood lights and the whole old Lahore is lit up in a scene to be witnessed and not described. Yellow is the main color in this event as it depicts the blossoming spring flowers in the fields of Punjab. Men wear yellow scarves while the ladies put on Gajras traditional bangles made of flowers and wear yellow dresses.

Festivals in Pakistan


PAKISTAN Day is being celebrated across the country to spot the anniversary of the adoption of ‘Pakistan Resolution’ on this day in 1940. It is a national holiday. The president of Pakistan also awards military and civil awards to the people on their good performance in their professions.


Celebrated the Birthday of Holy Prophet all over the Pakistan with beautifully decorated buildings and singers which reciting religious songs.


The largest celebration in Pakistan in the honor of founding Pakistan in 14th August 1947. People celebrate this event with fireworks and lightings. Youth carrying Pakistani flags take our noisy bike processions on the roads.


This event celebrates at the end of Ramzan with cultural and social activities and exchange of sweet dishes. This event is celebrated throughout Pakistan people wear new clothes. The celebration goes on for three days.


Christmas Festival falls on 25th day of December every year. Christian community across the globe celebrates Christmas with faith, joy and enthusiasm. Santa Claus gives presents to the children all over Pakistan.


This festival is celebrated in the honor of Holy Prophet Ismail with sacrifices of bulls, cows, goats, lambs and camels. This is the biggest Islamic charity event in terms of distributing meat to the poor people of the country.