Cultural Episode Three – Folk Heritage Festival

Folk Festival held at Islamabad during the month of October every year. In this colorful festival different cultural groups from all over Pakistan exhibiting their handicrafts, folk dances, and music. Spectator area reflecting the life styles of different areas are on demonstrates besides a variety of other fascinating and interesting events. In Folk heritage festival people from different culture show the traditional garments crockery’s, handicrafts and other things of the country.

The tourists who come to visit the place in the month of October and November can experience many such festivals that exhibit the traditional art and crafts of the country along with the modern pieces of art and sculptures. The festival is full of variant colors and features the vibrant lifestyle of the people living there. Folk Heritage Festival in Pakistan also includes the folklore of the country that is the folk dances, folk music, the authentic food that are sure to draw the attention of the food lovers.

There are handicrafts and other artistic pieces made up of different materials like brass, silver, bronze and even textiles that the tourists buy in a large number. Pakistan folk heritage festival is among the traditional festivals of the country and holds a lot of importance among the people of the country and also a main feature for the tourism division of the country as majority of the tourists enjoy these folk festivals a lot. The population of the country comprises many cultural groups along with the majority of the people belong from the Islam religion but the Folk heritage festival displays the traditions of almost all the groups living in the country like, Punjabi, Sindhi, Persians and so on.

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