Lahore Lahore Aye – A City of Life and Shopping

The Lahore city occupies a central position and generally called The Heart of Pakistan. Lahore is the city of greenery and has the status of being THE GREEN CITY. Lahore is the center of film industry and the city of poets, artists. You must have seen many places but I give you surety that Lahore is the most flexible and attractive place for visitors as well as people living in Lahore. You can find every type of enjoyment and refreshment in Lahore. The people of Lahore, when they want to stress the rareness of their city say “Lahore, Lahore Aye” (Lahore is Lahore). It has the largest number of educational institutions in the country and some of the best gardens in the continent.


Today, Lahore can be best described as a city that is just so wonderful, so very fabulous, that every nook and corner of the city speaks of a certain lively, a certain passion, and a spirit of life, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

FooD Street Lahore

In Lahore there a lot of places to enjoy with family like Mini Golf where families can enjoy food and rides good place for outing, Joy Land it’s a good place specially for children, only boys are not allowed in this area, Paintball Arena its fabulous place where teenagers enjoy.

Favorite shopping places and some hot spots in Lahore are:

Anarkali Bazaar you can find everything in this bazaar from handicraft to transistor radio, tin sauce pan to refrigerator.

Ichra Bazaar has the best quality of unstitched silk, cotton and printed material of all sorts.

Some other shopping places are: Liberty Shopping Mall, MM Alam Road and Mall of Lahore is also famous for branded stuff. Fotress Stadium is also good for ready-made garments. Lahore is a city with very rich food culture. People from Lahore are very famous all over the country for their love and food.

Food Street in Anarkali is very famous where people can enjoy all kind of food stuff in one place. Some famous dishes are: Gosht Karahi , Dal Gosht, Seekh Kababs, best Gol Gappas in lahore are available at Nisbat Road etc. Chamman Icecream is also famous in Lahore.