Let’s Eat Trout!

The trout fish was first introduced in Gilgit. It is a very famous and expensive fish available in northern area in Pakistan. Trout is a tasty fish and considered sometimes as appealing and attractive. Fishing can be great fun for you people and for your family and friends. Northern area of Pakistan offers fabulous trout fishing from May to September. Trout fish have thickly spotted dark and red spots on the side. Fishing in Pakistan is an important part of the adventure in Pakistan. That’s why fishing areas is also considering as fishing paradise. Most of the fishing destinations in Pakistan are located besides rivers which are also the warehouse of beautiful landmarks. Pakistan attracts the tourists from all over the world to fish there and also enjoy the beautiful landmarks in Pakistan.


There are a number of destinations that offer perfect spots for fishing in Pakistan. The fishing spots of trout fish in Pakistan are:
Kaghan Valley
Kaghan Valley is famous for best trout fish in Pakistan. Trout fish are stocked in a pure water of Kunhar river. The kunhar river trout is considered the best in Northern areas. The kunhar river is the perfect place for trout fishing. Fishing License is required for trout fish which is arrange by tour Pakistan.
Kalam Valley
Kalam valley is also famous for trout fish. Trout fish available in Kundalu Lake this lake is good for trout fishing. The lake is encircled by pine trees and beautiful grassy meadows.
Phandur Lake is beautiful lake in Gilgit . This lake is famous for trout fish. The Handrap Lake is also well-known for its trout fishing which is situated at west of Phunder.
Satpara Lake is a beautiful lake situated in Skardu. Lake is beautiful lake in Skardu and also well-stocked with trout fishes.
Rama Lake
Rama Lake is situated in Gilgit Baltistan near Astore. It’s a beautiful lake. Trout fish is also available in this lake.
There are numerous fishing places in Pakistan which offers best opportunity to the tourists for fish gaming. Pakistan is a remarkable country for fishing that is why it’s called Fishing Paradise.