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Lalazar – Kaghan Valley, Pakistan


Lalazar plateu is situated in Kaghan valley, it is situated at the other end of the Lake Saif ul Malook. It is a small resort over the mountain with tall trees and lush grass that gives a view from the heaven.

Lake Saif Ul Malook – Kaghan Valley, Pakistan


Lake saif ul malook is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. It is known as the land of fairies and it is supposed to be.

The lake is surrounded by huge mountains with peaks covered with snow at the time of sunset it gives a view apart from this world.

Neelum Valley – Azad Kashmir, Pakistan


Neelam Valley is situated in Azad Kashmir valley to the north of Muzaffarabad, It is 5000 meters above the sea level. It is one of the worth seeing places in the world, beautiful snow covered mountains and green meadows besides the noisy neelam river present an eye-catching view. Someone has said that “if there is heaven on earth, then this is it(Kashmir)”.

Art Work on vehicles.


At seeing this picture what comes first in mind? A luxury drawing room or a lounge with beautiful art work, you were wrong it is just a local transport vehicle to travel within an area. This is an art that can be only found in Pakistan it is one of its kinds. The vehicles are decorated very well even a small space is not left blank on the vehicle where u will not find the art work.

Badshahi Mosque – Lahore, Pakistan


Badshahi Mosque situated in Lahore is the icon of the mughal empire. The mosque is an architectural wonder, made of red sand stone and white marble it was constructed in a record time of two and half years it has a beautiful gateway and a huge courtyard that is known the largest courtyard in the world for outdoor prayers.

Clock Tower – Faisalabad, Pakistan


Clock tower in Faisalabad is one of the oldest monuments standing in its original position. The clock tower was built by the British, the interesting thing about this tower is that it is the center of the eight bazaars(markets) in a way that the Arial view of the markets make the Britain flag.

Pottery Making – Multan, Pakistan


Multani pottery is world famous due to its unique style and beauty it is made with white clay and blue designs on it as well as red clay is also an attraction for foreigners the art of pottery making in Multan is a tradition and is passing from generation to generation Multani art can also be found on historical buildings of Multan.

Carpet Knitting Art – Pakistan


Pakistan is full of talent and traditions the art of weaving hand-knotted carpets is a talent as well as a tradition of Pakistan the ancient Indus valley and excavations at mohenjodaro and harrapa have introduced many techniques of weaving and knitting. Pakistan is one of the leading exporters of the hand-knotted carpets.

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