Sibi Mela

Sibi is a city of Balochistan province of Pakistan. The city is located at an altitude of 130 metres (429 feet) and is headquarters of the district and tehsil of the same name. According to the 2001 census of Pakistan the population of Sibi is 52,100. The hottest place within the country is 52.6 °C (126.7 °F) but this heat and sizzle of the environment does not debar the people of sibi to add colors to their lives.

Sibi Mela

Sibi is situated 163 Kilometers to the south east of Quetta at the mouth of the famous “Bolan Pass”. Since the 15th century, this town has been the meeting place of all the tribal chiefs of the area. But when the British came to the subcontinent they also continued this tradition in the shape of an annual “Darbar” or meeting, the meeting contained a number of activities for the amusement and recreation of the people. All the activities in the “Darbar” were according to the taste and interest of people. A ‘Mela” (fair) is also organized at the event where thousands of Baluchi tribesmen gathered along with their animals in mid February. This tradition still carries on and every year during February, Sibi has its famous SIBI MELA, where tribesmen flock from all over Baluchistan, parts of Sind and Punjab with their animals. The major activities of this “Mela” includes horse and cattle and cultural shows, tent pegging, camel races, animal markets and exhibitions of handicrafts, tribal dresses and folk dances.
In SIBI MELA people from all over the Baluchistan and the surroundings gather with their specialties trade activities are also performed at its top because people from other areas buy specialties of that areas like handicrafts, cattles, dresses etc. The horse and cattle and cultural shows are the main events of the mela, along with that tent pegging, camel races, animal markets, and exhibitions of handicrafts, tribal dresses, and folk dances also make their contribution to make this event more clorfull.
British quote in 1885 that a horse fair was first held at Sibi in the month of February, which was fully availed by them during the Afghan war. Whatever the hypothesis, the Sibi Mela provided a greate opportunity for people to create harmony. The increasing number of games and events inspired the interest of the common masses into the festivals of Sibi. The cooperation of the people of the adjoining areas in the sale and purchase of cattle was also vitally important in its organization.

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