The Karakoram Highway

The Karakoram Highway is known as the highest cemented international road in the world. This Highway connects the China and Pakistan across the Karakorum mountain range through the Khunjerab Pass. It connects China’s Xinjiang region with Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan and because of this connection the highway also popular to attract the tourists. Due to its high elevation and the difficult conditions in which it was constructed, it is also referred as the Ninth Wonder of the World. In recent year Highway has become an adventure tourism destination. The Gardian ranked this place for tourists as the third best Tourist Destination in Pakistan. The road has given mountaineers and cyclists easier access to the many high mountains, glaciers and lakes in the area. The highway also provides access to Gilgit and Skardu from Islamabad by road. Karakoram Highway provides the pathway to expeditions for almost all peaks in Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan, Kashmir and several peaks in Xinjiang China. The area includes some of the world’s largest glaciers like the Baltoro Glacier. Glaciers lakes and mountains in the area is the major attraction for tourists. The notable mountains that tourists can be directly seen while traveling on the highway are Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi, Diran most dangerous mountain in Pakistan and Shishpar. Many glaciers can be seen while traveling on the highway are Minapin Glacier, Passu Glacier, Ghulkin Glacier and Khunjerab Glacier and  several  beautiful rivers and lakes are also made accessible by the highway are Indus River, Hunza River, Gilgit River and Karakul Lake in Xinjiang(China). However, the construction of a major new highway changed everything. Suddenly, it becomes a part in the global market. Once calm streets were flooded with tourists; children discovered the internet and a whole new world opened up to villagers. But the road has also permanently altered the nature of village communities and left them at the impulse of market forces.

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