Tirich Mir

Tirich Mir is a beautiful and highest mountain outside the Himalaya Karakoram range. Tirich Mir is the chain of about eleven peaks with different routes to their summits. This mountain is located in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. This mountain is famous for its story of fairies and beautiful sceneries which attract the tourists.

Tirich Mir is near the beautiful valley Chitral and can also be seen from Afghanistan. Trekking to the Tirich Mir is interesting and rewarding as we experience a difference in culture and landscape as compared to other parts of the country. People drive the name of this mountain from Wakhi Language. Wakhi is a small village near the Tirich Mir. In Wakhi language Tirich means shadow or darkness and Mir means king so Tirich Mir means KING OF DARKNESS. People could have got this name as it causes long shadows on the wakhan side of its face. According to local legends, it is impossible to climb that mountain because of Jinns, Demons, witches and fairies who live there in mountain. Locals also believe that Tirich Mir is a house of fairies. From all over the Hindu Kush, fairies are supposed to come here for special meetings, washing and grinding rice. Fairies live there and they protect this valley from evil and never allow anyone to climb up to Tirich Mir and meet them, if someone does, he never returns. Almost every year, a few tourists are killed while hiking and trekking around Tirich Mir. Often, they fall down into deep crevasses and their bodies are never found. The last village in Chitral before reaching Tirich Mir is Village Tirich. It is located in Mulkow. The people of this village speak the Khowar language. The residents are available for hire as porters and tourist guides and will lead trekker’s part way up the mountain, but there is a point beyond which they will not go.


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