Truck Art , Pakistan

Pakistan truck art is the great art which has captured the imagination of tourists and art lovers from all over the world. This tradition of truck art and truck painting in Pakistan has an interesting history as well
“In 1920’s in the days of Raj transportation companies hire craftsman to decorate their trucks to attract the passengers through paintings and art. The technique worked so good that soon passengers couldn’t purchase a ticket without considering variety of beautifully designed painted trucks waiting to take you to destination. While the art doesn’t serve the same purpose anymore, it is still as common as ever and has become more complicated and developed a deeper cultural meaning over time”.

Truck Art , Pakistan

The truck art is another interesting and important art to attract the tourist. This art is just like the billboard painting performed in Pakistan. These trucks are moving paintings of history that tell stories, depict beliefs, represent values and display complicated design. The technique, materials, style, colors and symbolism vary across regions and are culturally important. In Pakistan each province has its own different style of truck painting because moderately different ethnic heritage. While Sindh is famous for camel bone work, Baluchistan and Peshawar prefer wood trimmings, and Rawalpindi and Islamabadi trucks favor plastic work. The materials, the color, the arrangement, and the overall art style finally serve as a cultural representative of the region. The colorful flowery patterns, creative feature, calligraphy of poetic verses this form of art is truly a part of Pakistani transport tradition. Today, the students of fine arts also work on this truck art in a beautiful manner. Use different and bright colors in other things like lamps, phones, mugs, fans etc to promote the truck art worldwide. We are proud of the artists and painters involved in this beautiful art and making truck art one of the biggest forms of representational art in the country.

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