Wagah Border Ceremony

Wagah Boarder is a border which separates Pakistan and india.  The visitor timing hours is daily from 9am to 4 Pm. People came from different places to enjoy the flag ceremony daily at wagah boarder. The wagah boarder ceremony is a daily military practice that the security forces of India and Pakistan both following this practice since 1959. This ceremony daily takes place in the evening before sunset at the wagah border .

Wagah Border

This ceremony starts with a completely synchronized parade by the soldiers from both the sides and ends up in the lowering of the flags. One Jawan stands attention at the gate on each side. For 45 minutes every day at sunset the guards high-kick, stamp, speed march and bawl their way through a choreographed routine. It ends in the lowering of both flags and the slamming of the border gates. The display has become a huge tourist attraction, drawing thousands of spectators every evening. As the sun sets, the Gate at the border is opened and the flags are lowered. The ceremony ends the flag is folded and the forces move away to shake their hands .This is a routine show and the magnificence of the ceremony attracts many visitors from both sides of the border and tourists from all over the world. For a Pakistani it’s a best place to communicate his/her love for country openly. For tourist some general information about wagah border is that when the flag removed you have to stand like everyone else in order to show the respect towards the flag of Pakistan and Pakistan itself. The dress of Pakistani rangers is lovely and mustache is considered to be symbol of bravery and it is meant to create a fear in enemy. It is thought that it makes a man look brave and confident. Every evening at wagah border there is a huge crowd to visit this Pak-Indo border. Tourists give special importance and there is no restaurant, it is better to have food before you go there. You can only get soft drinks, tea, hot yummy corns and some kind of chips.


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